About Us

Our Story

In 2004, a humble individual decided to turn away from his day job and created his dream career. That individual is C.K. Chiau, the co-founder of MyStudy. The advisory was the product of his passion as an educator and his firm belief that international education goes beyond achieving academic recognition.

He always believes that education abroad should never be based solely on popularity and reputation. His professional skills and effort in widening the local’s view on non-mainstream education nation have impressed the Irish government. After visiting Ireland and its education system invited by the Enterprise Ireland and the Irish embassy, he was profoundly impressed by the quality of education and the affordability of tuition fees for international student. In 2010, MyStudy became the first ever representative in Malaysia appointed by the many Irish institutions in terms of their marketing activities and recruitment process in the region. It is the result of his tireless effort in establishing the Irish education system recognition in Malaysia.
In 2013, My Study has established a partnership with European University Business School. Expanding the opportunities for students to acquire their academic success in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.
Success seems to have no limit when objectives have been well defined.  As the result of consistent professional service, MyStudy has once again gained the recognition of Campus Spain in 2017, making MyStudy its official partner in Malaysia.
And more partnerships are to be established with many more institutions from across the globe in the future as MyStudy is determined to thrive with its clear vision.

Our Vision

To be the leader in Education Consultancy for local and international student in achieving quality education anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

My Study is a “one-stop” education advisory that provides a wholesome service from giving advice in academic pathway, university selection, to detailed guidance to students in achieving their success in studying abroad. Our success depends on both of the success of the students and our partners.

The 3 P's of Our Core Values