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MyStudy Education Consulting Sdn Bhd was founded in 2004 with a vision to be a leader in providing consulting and support services on further study to high school students, youths and parents.

Forums and Exhibitions

Even before MyStudy was set up, we had already established strong ties with many educational institutions to ensure adequate information of a wide ranges of institutions and courses is available for students and their parents to choose from. Since 2004, MyStudy has been regularly holding career planning forums and education exhibitions.

MyStudy Website

This interactive education consulting website serves as a platform for educational institutions, counselling teachers, students, parents and other related parties to interact and exchange ideas concerning further study options. Through the website, students and parents are directly accessible to the assistance of the counsellors of MyStudy. 

Education Irish

Our reputation in the higher education industry in Malaysia was recognised by the Irish government. MyStudy was appointed by Education Ireland as the sole representative in Malaysia since 2010. Over the years we have been holding numerous promotional activities with Education Ireland. Ireland offers value-for-money world-class high quality education.

Achieving the Vision

To a great extent MyStudy has achieved its vision today. All the efforts of our devoted team have led to MyStudy gaining recognition from a growing number of people as a leading one-stop further study guidance centre that provides better consulting and support services to facilitate a large number of high school students in their search for higher education. Through hard work and dedication, we have arranged for admission over thousands students into local and overseas educational institutions.



To be a regional leader in providing consulting service for Malaysian and foreign students on further study in Malaysia and other countries.


To achieve our vision, we strive to be the preferred 'one-stop' centre providing impartial, professional further study consulting and support services free of charge to students and parents in the country and the region.

Core Values

To achieve our mission to be the preferred one-stop education consulting centre, we embrace the core values to be:

Why Us


Our Advice

When considering further, you may be troubled with questions such as which university or college to chose and where to study.  To help you, we propose the following.

  1. Search for institutions: Before selecting a university or college for further study, it is best that you have decided on the course and major of study.  While many students may not be able to decide on them at this stage, it should be noted that once you have an idea of what you want to study, it will help in narrowing your search to those institutions which offer the course.
  2. Shortlist institutions: After the search, list the institutions which offer the required course for you to compare on what the institutions offer.
  3. Set your criteria: Set your own list of criteria in selecting the right institution.  For example, if you don't intend to study far away from  home then you need not consider far away institutions.  If you wish to enter a large-scale institution, the small-scale institutions can be excluded from your selection shortlist.
  4. Select choice institutions: Read through the information of the shortlisted institutions in detail and compare. Select a few top choice institutions and understand more about the course of your choice in these institutions.
  5. Apply for admission: Once you have decided on the institutions, you can proceed to apply for admission to these institutions.
  6. Final decision: After some time, when you receive offer letters for admission from the institutions, you are accepted by the institutions.  If you have applied to three institutions and all three accept you, what should you do then? Although once again you have to make a decision, it is easier as you have thoroughly gone through the details of the institutions.  You just need to pick the institution that best fit your ambition, personality and affordability.

Facts in Choosing Institution

Big number isn't absolutely good

Choosing a university or college with a big student population is not necessary good.  It is when you are in tertiary education period that you fully develop yourself and define you as a person.  An institution with a small student population provides more personal attention to students which promote better personal development.  Therefore, the size of an institution is immaterial.  What matters is whether the learning environment enable you to fully development and obtain a valuable learning experience.

Reputation isn't absolutely good

Studying in a reputable university does not assure your success in the future.  Ask the successful people around you which institutions they graduated from, and you will find out that their choice of institution is not a factor for their success.  Rather it is the experience and opportunities they obtained from the institution that leads to their success today.  Employers and research institutes target students with outstanding competencies and vast experience as employees.  So, whether you graduated from a reputable institution is the main factor of consideration of your prospective employing company or research institute.  In the process of selection an institution, you will discover that many institutions, despite you have never heard of them before, are more superior than some so-called 'reputable' universities.

According to affordability

Select an institution according to your affordability.  This will prevent the situation that you cannot afford the high tuition fee and expenses later wasting your time and efforts.  After going through the information of institutions and consultation from us, you should be able to find an institution that meet your affordability. You may even discover there are study loans and scholarships available.

According to your needs

Choosing an institution same as your friends or a popular institution is not an important factor for your success in your future, but choosing an institution that meets your needs is. Selecting an institution that suits you takes time and elaborate consideration.  Remember that the is no 'best' institution only an institution that 'best meet' your needs.

Qualification recognition

In selecting an institution for studying professional courses such as Accounting, Architecture, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Quantity Surveying, we must pay special attention on whether the qualification offered by the institution is recognised by the relevant professional bodies and the Public Service Department.  This is because, despite you having the qualification that meets the work requirements, if your qualification is not recognised you cannot practise as a professional in the industry and work in government departments. However, there are professional bodies offer examinations for these graduates to acquire their professional qualifications.  After acquiring the required professional qualifications, the graduates can join the professional body as a member and practise as a professional in the industry and work in government departments.