With a rich cultural diversity, progressive education system and high quality of life, Canada have undoubtedly one of the most sought-after higher education qualifications in the world. Canada is also one of the countries that invest the most in education in the world.

Although higher education was historically influenced by America during the revolution period, one of the very first degree-granting education institutions were brought over by the British. This has resulted in the hybridization of higher education in Canada where the system is based on the education structure of both the UK and the US. Where in Québec, the hybridisation is between the French and the British system.

In Canada, there are both Public and Private higher institutions. With universities and community colleges are 2 of the educational entities that are heavily invested and well structured by the state government.


There are 3 cycles of higher education in the university system. Similar to the US higher education system, Bachelor degree takes about 3 to 4 years to complete, Master degree takes about 1 to 2 years to complete and PhD which takes no less than 3 years to complete. 

Community colleges

Community colleges, technical colleges, Institute of technologies or sometimes they are called just colleges, are extremely popular in Canada. These highly skill-focused programmes have enabled countless students in Canada to achieve higher education and employment opportunities. These colleges fill the unique niche of eduction in Canada where the structure of the program runs in the combination of high-quality academic, employer centric syllabus, industry connection and internship opportunity. These programmes have allowed thousands and thousands of students to gain industrial experience during the programme. As such, diploma graduates are much more employable than conventional degree students in Canada. 

Admission to these diploma programmes has no nationality restrictions. Local or international students will be equally benefitted from this vocational education. Students who have completed a year of diploma programme are eligible for one year of graduate visa. Students who have completed 2 years of diploma programme are entitled to up to 3 years of graduate visa.

What's more, the tuition fees for college is almost halved of the university tuition fees. As the duration of the programs is also significantly shorter, students will be able to make significant saving upon graduation through part-time jobs as well as a full-time job after their graduation.

Entry for Malaysian Students

Diploma programmes in Canada are open to students with SPM and GCE O-level qualification and above.

Population: 37.06 million

Country Facts

- Canada in the 2nd largest country in the world.

- There are 2 official languages in Canada, English and Canadian French.

- Canadian French is spoken most predominantly in Québec. 

- Canada is known to be the most culturally diverse and tolerant country in the whole American continent.

- The currency of the country is Canadian Dollar $.


The Canadian economy is one of the freest in the world. Placing 8th in the world in 2019 index with a score of 77.7. The country emphasises in trade diversification, export promotion and support for small businesses and domestic industries.

Thanks to its policy, Canada has one of most diverse economy in the world. Service, Energy, Manufacturing and Agriculture are some of the major economy drives in the country.

The European Union, US, China, Japan and Mexico are some of the main export destinations of the country.

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