Spain houses more than 83 universities with 50 public universities and 33 privatized institutions. 12 of them being among the top 500 universities in the world.

Just like most of the countries in mainland Europe, Spanish university tuition fees are among the lowest in the world. The only catch is the requirement of the Spanish Language for public universities.

Bachelor's degree in Spain lasts 3 to 4 years, Masters degree lasts 1 to 2 years and Doctorate degree duration is based on a contract with a minimum of 3 and a half years. The qualification of higher education in Spain is awarded in accordance with the EHEA and the Bologna Process. 

The Bologna Process and the EHEA

The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is a unique international collaboration between 48 European countries with different politics, culture and academic tradition to build an area implementing a common set of commitment in facilitating student and staff mobility, making higher education more accessible and inclusive, and making European education more competitive and attractive in the worldwide scale.

The main goal of the EHEA is to ensure common values such as freedom of expression, the autonomy of institutions, independent student union, academic freedom and freedom of movement of student and staff. The ultimate goal of the countries in EHEA is to increase student and staff mobility and facilitate employability.

The Bologna Progress is a mechanism created by EHEA to promote the collaboration between the 48 European countries in the field of higher education.

Countries participate in EHEA agree to:

- introduce 3 cycles of higher education which include Bachelor's degree, Masters degree and Doctorate degree.
- ensure mutual recognition of qualifications and learning periods abroad with other countries of EHEA.
- implement a quality assured system and strengthen the quality and relevance of learning and teaching.

Entry for Malaysian Student

Malaysian students with STPM, UEC, A-level, International Baccalaureate and AUSMAT qualification are eligible to progress to the first year degree in Spain.

Students who have completed a Bachelor Honours degree in Malaysia may also progress to a Master degree in Spain.

Most of the undergraduate programmes in Spain are conducted in the Spanish language. Students are advised to achieve at least level B1 before commencing their higher education in Spanish.

LCA - Campus Spain

The LCA programme by Campus Spain is an excellent pathway for students to achieve higher education in Spain. This 8 or 10 months language program trains students and brings their Spanish language up to an academic level. Either for undergraduate or postgraduate studies, this program will suit students even with 0 knowledge of the language. Cultural and community immersion activities that come along with the programme make language learning fun, exciting and effective. Call us now for more detail.

Population: 46.72 million

Interesting Facts

- The official language of the country, Spanish, is the current 2nd most widely spoken language in the world.

- The currency of the country is Euros (€).

- Situated in the warmer part of Europe, Spain is the 3rd most popular destination in the world.

- There is an immensely strong sports culture in Spain. Especially with football.

- Spain has the longest high-speed rail network in Europe.

- Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most popular and dynamic cities in the country.

- And according To Zaremba’s article ”Top 10 study destination for 2019” in 2017 published in, Spain is placed number 2 on the list for its diversity of study program and the demographics of international students, rich history and festivals, fabulous hikes and beaches and the local people for their love of social and sharing food.


In 2018, the economy of Spain is the 14th largest export economy in the world. The major industries in Spain that drive the country's economy are tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and energy industry. Some of the major exports of Spain are automotive and transport product with France and Germany being 2 of the major export destination.

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