German cars are famous for a reason; their technological and scientific advancement is the direct result of their academic and research excellence. As such, Germany has become the European market leader and an important player in the global market. During the 19th and the early 20th century, German was one of the leading languages in the scientific community along with French and English.
Although major cities of the country now are filled with modern marvels, the evidence of their rich historical events is spread throughout the country, waiting to be discovered by curious adventurer.
Tertiary education fees are renown to be extremely affordable as it is heavily subsidized by the government. Classes are known to be strict and they value punctuality and efficiency. These are characteristics of progression as it is evident in the progress of the country.
Graduates from Germany are highly valued as the skills that they have acquired from the German education are recognized internationally. And German is one of the official languages in the European Union as it is the most widely spoken language in the European Union as the first language and it is also the official language in Austria and Switzerland.

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