German cars are famous for a reason; their technological and scientific advancement is the direct result of their academic and research excellence. As such, Germany has become the European market leader and an important player in the global market. During the 19th and the early 20th century, German was one of the leading languages in the scientific community along with French and English.

The country also emphasis heavily on their free education. Germany is a country that continuously learns from theirs and other countries mistakes. They advocate for the right of education and it should be accessible to everyone regardless of nationalities.


Like most European countries, universities in Germany follow the Bologna Process cycle of education, Bachelor degree, Master and Doctorate (BMD). Duration to complete a Bachelor degree generally take 3 academic years to complete, 1 or 2 years to complete a Master program and no less than 3 years it complete a PHD.

Different higher institutions in Germany provide specialised fields of education.

- “Universitäten”. General Universities
- “Technische Hochschulen”/”Technische Universitäten”. Technological Universities
- “Pädagogische Hochschulen”. Educational College
- "Theologische Hochschulen". Theological colleges.
- “Fachhochschulen”. Universities of Applied Sciences
- "Hochschule für Musik und Theater" Art and Music Colleges.
- “Berufsakademie” (BA). Higher Education Institutions Offering Dual Studies 
- “Fachschulen” And “Fachakademien”. Institutions of Continuing Vocational Education

Entry for Malaysian

Malaysian students who want to be benefitted from the advanced German education would need to have a decent level of the German language. A minimum level of B2 in German is required for entry to Degree.

As for the academic requirement, Greman institutions accept A-Levels, STPM, AUSMAT and IB.

Population: 82.79 Million

Country Facts

- Germany is one of the strongest economy powerhouses in Europe and it played a major role in the formation of the United Nation.

- Germany is also one of the six founding countries of the European Union.

- The currency of the country is Euros (€).

- The German language is the official language of Germany and it is also one of the largest spoken language in Europe.

- Tertiary education fees are renown to be extremely affordable as it is heavily subsidized by the government.

- German classes are known to be strict and punctuality and efficiency are highly valued.


In 2017, Germany is the 2nd largest exporter in the world with up to $1.33 Trillion in total. The main exports being Cars, vehicles parts and packaged medicaments. The primary export destinations consist of the US, China, France and the UK.

Germany has a proven engineering tradition where they constantly produce high-quality machinery, automotive and aviation product. As such, these industries have become the countries primary income sector, generated more than $266 billion in 2015. The Chemical & industry, Consumer & Service, Energy & Environmental Technology, Electronic & ICT and MIttelstand are among the leading industries that drive the countries economy.

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