Foundation / Pre-U

As a student who freshly graduated high school with IGCSE or SPM, feeling lost and has no sense of direction is a common occurrence. There are just too many options available and you have spent most of your time preparing for the exams and neglected to spend time for yourself to think about your own future.
If you have no intention of lollygagging and want to commence an academic pathway while keeping your options open, the International Foundation is the perfect program for you!
Thanks to our partners and their excellent international foundation program, we are able to bring this opportunity to the students who have just graduated from O-level and equivalent. The program is recognized nationwide with a bare few exceptional institutions. After completing the 9 months program, you will be able to pursuit year 1 of almost any undergrad program of your desire.
If European mainland institutions are you dream academic destination, then you are in luck. With just a year of the intensive foreign language program, you will be joining classes with the local student and start experiencing their way of life. We also offer introductory language classes for Spanish and French locally for your general exposure if you want to find out how deep your interest is to the language.

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