06 Feb, 2021

Hotel Management & The Future of Tourism

Are you foreseeing the spike in the tourism industry? Skip the HIGH spending in Switzerland while you only spend €13,500 per year in Ireland! Be part of ... More Details
24 Jan, 2021

The STUDY Experience & Career In Ireland

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, only with THIS webinar happening on the 24 January 2021! We’ve been bragging about students getting hold onto graduate visa... More Details
09 Jan, 2021

What is DNA Technology?

Did you know that The DNA sequence in your genes is on average 99.9% identical to ANY other human being? Be the next superhero to help Heal, Fuel ,and Feed the... More Details
19 Dec, 2020

ZERO rental for your studies in Ireland

To study abroad, rental fees can be a BURDEN! The average rental fee for off-campus is RM18,000 per academic year & RM29,000 for on-campus in Ireland... More Details
13 Dec, 2020

Chat with Dr. Soo About Spain

From having learning difficulties to pursuing her PhD in Spain. You may know her as Miss World Malaysia, an actress or perhaps a singer however Dr. Soo ... More Details
12 Dec, 2020

OSSD Knows you, Do you?

【Is #OSSD For You?】 · Year 12 Certificate to apply to any university around the WORLD · 70% Assignment during your studies · Online ... More Details
22 Nov, 2020


【谁说只有独中生去中国留学?!】 注意 想要到中国留学的SPM/O-Level/IGCSE... More Details
08 Nov, 2020


10位里一定有5... More Details
11 Oct, 2020

到 ... More Details
28 Aug, 2020

Study in Germany

【Study in... More Details
14 Jul, 2020


还出国留学?不危险吗! 以上都是有想象过的无限可能,我们都了解! 有很多问题对不? 那个国家会安全? 很荣幸的邀请到两位爱尔兰留学生来分享她们的经历。 位子有限, 请尽早报名...... 14日见 ... More Details
28 Jun, 2020

【日本留學 之 為什麼日本企業需要你?】

你有注意到嗎?你身邊有多少的產品? 可能是你穿著的Uniqlo; 可能是你駕著的Toyota、Honda; 可能是你看著的Panasonic... More Details
06 Jun, 2020

COVID-19 will not stop your studies abroad. Ireland is READY for You!

【Going to university in 2020 Webinar!】 . With many countries remain closed and most universities are looking to adopt online learning for the new intake. ... More Details
06 Jun, 2020

Lets talk about the degree in e-Commerce and the career in Singapore!

E-commerce is one of the most essential elements in the business world of today and tomorrow! But does a degree in e-commerce really guarantee a job in ... More Details
02 Jun, 2020

DkIT Webinar

Hey, students! Ever wonder what student life is like in Dundalk? Join Dundalk Institute of Technology webinar next week and find out from the current students... More Details
30 May, 2020

Coffee Chat With SIM Alumni: Information Technology & Study Tips.

Lim Soon Gui is an Sim-University of Wollongong IT graduate. With a passion for a career in the tech sector, Soon Gui is thankful that his studies at SIM and ... More Details
27 May, 2020

Furthering Health and Social Solutions For A Complex World (FHSS)

香港公共医疗服务系统长期面对人手不足的问题。原因有二 HK PolyU... More Details
18 May, 2020

Is Earth the Only Living Planet? The Search for Life in our Galaxy & Beyond

香港是马来西亚人熟悉的金融中心。 奶茶、旺角、港星、TVB... More Details
16 May, 2020


西班牙是欧洲最美丽的国家之一。 西班牙语排名前三最广泛使用到语言之一。这此疫情底下,西班牙整体都受到很大的冲击。因为此疫情,西班牙屡屡的到国际的关注。有些可能会想,当地学生过得如何呢?到底此国家适合留学呢? 来参加我们留学西班牙的讲座,让你对此国家有不一样的了解。 主讲人:Martínez Nogueira, Campus Spain 的创始人,Gosia Kozyra,国际招生处主任 和 Lew Shyuenn,University of Valencia 大学第一年 日期:16-May-2020, 星期六 时间:9 PM 平台:Zoom 申请网址:https://forms.gle/8673L9DYVTKZM9F56 ... More Details
11 May, 2020


Canada is one of the happiest and most liveable countries in the world. With its high cultural tolerant towards other ethnicities, it is a nation built and ... More Details
05 May, 2020


大家熟知的阿里巴巴,吉利汽车的总部都将总部设在浙江。为什么呢? 让我们的主讲人与你分享浙江留学的特别之处。 ... More Details
24 Apr, 2020

Why Ireland and UL Despite COVID-19

Why should you consider getting a degree in Ireland at the University of Limerick despite the COVID-19 pandemic? . Find out at our free Zoom Live Seminar with ... More Details
22 Apr, 2020

Online Education Fest 2020

The first Online Education Fest 2020 is coming to you live! Now you can attend 16 universities and colleges' Open Day virtually for FREE! . Save the details... More Details
19 Apr, 2020


【欧洲留學講座】 . 欧洲的免费或低学费的教育越来越流行,您是否也有所心动呢? 来参加我们与梦翔力DreamicEdu... More Details
13 Mar, 2020

Meet-up session in TAR UC KL

TAR UC KL Meet-up Session Thinking to study abroad but do not know where ? and how ? Come to seek advises from our counsellor to get FREE one-to-one ... More Details
12 Mar, 2020

Talk on Education & Career in Ireland / EU Countries

Talk on Education & Career in Ireland/ EU Countries Want to know more about Europe Education & Career Opportunity? Join our seminar and find out how ... More Details
09 Mar, 2020

TAR UC Meet-up Session

TAR UC Penang Meet-up Session Thinking to study abroad but do not know where ? and how ? Come to seek advises from our counsellor to get FREE one-to-one ... More Details
09 Mar, 2020

Meet-up session with Alumni in Bukit Mertajam

Meet-up session with Alumni in Bukit Mertajam Get your SPM result, but do not know what to do?   Come and talk with our counsellors get what is the future ... More Details
30 Nov, 2019


中国 实地考察团 ... More Details
06 Aug, 2019


Study in Spain Info-Session From why study in Spain to how to study in Spain, this Info-Session will cover every inquiry you have about life and education in ... More Details
05 Aug, 2019


掌握这个难得的机会,让来自中国的JTRH为您一一解答。 详情如下: 日期:05/08/2019 (星期一) 时间:晚上 8 点 地点:... More Details
15 Jun, 2019

Study and Work in Canada

Bring your education to one of the safest, friendliest and coolest countries in the world. Join our seminar and find out how your education can be benefited ... More Details
02 Jun, 2019


想要到世界其中一个经济巨无霸上课吗?来中国吧!! 想要了解更多关于到中国升学的好处吗?来听听我们举办的中国留学讲座吧!! 日期:6月2号2019,星期日 时间:早上11点 地点: MyStudy 3-1-3 Cantonment Exchange 698 Jalan Ipoh 51200 Kuala Lumpur 请WhatsApp到017-790-7743预留你的位置吧! 到时见!! ... More Details
30 Mar, 2019

Study in Ireland Seminar

... More Details