Jet Yeo

I was lucky enough that my parents offered me an opportunity to study in Ireland when I was just finishing my SPM examination. It was like an express highway for me to jump right into the BEng in Mechanical Engineering in the following September.

From then on, it was a smooth sailing experience, I progressed from BEng in Mechanical Engineering, BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Designs, MSc in Renewable Energy Systems and finally to my current PhD. This was all made possible by the supportive lecturers.

My Institute, Dundalk Institute of Technology, follows the open-door policy where students can knock on the doors and the lecturers will be there to help as much as they can. The journey was so enjoyable that time flies when a large variety of sports and societies, ranging from Surfing, Airsoft to their local Gaelic Football are open to you.

Studying in Ireland was a blast for me thanks to opportunities such as academic progression, taking up new sports, meeting new friends and exploring the country.

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