Architecture is the study of art and science of designing, building, and structure. Homes, office buildings, cinemas, art galleries, schools and factories are all designed by architects. It is the role of the architect to look into client’s needs and to design building which fulfill these needs. The process then followed by documentation of the project and managing of the construction progress.


Through this programme, students will be introduced to main areas of architecture and develop their design skills. As student gained specialist knowledge and skills, students become more resourceful and adaptable to different modes of thinking and different forms of communication.



Professional Recognition


In order to register as a graduate architect, you must hold a qualification which is recognised by the Board of Architects Malaysa. After two working years, you can sit for PAM professional examinations (Part III). If you pass the examination, you will be given the title 'Architect.


For graduate with qualification not recognised by the Board of Architects Malaysia, he/she is required to sit for part I and part II examination conducted by the Architectural Examination Council of Malaysia. It can be done together with the two working years before sit for PAM professional examinations (Part III).


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Various Majors:
 Architecture Science
 Architecture Technology
 Interior Architecture