This is a focus on the principles and methods of providing knowledge, or provide an explanation of the department. Education is extended to from adolescence to old age of the ongoing process. This department arranged for students to enhance teaching, counseling, or individual, knowledge and competence groups or community management.

Course outlines, whether it is from the structure to organize an informal manner, the principle of the transfer of skills and knowledge of practical skills.

In the learning process, the media, print media and web technology to provide a broad, flexible, interactive and interesting balance.

The focus of this department is that learning strategies interpersonal skills, such as: effective communication and presentation skills, negotiation and persuasion. Furthermore, in some other courses, students can minor in other departments, such as at the same time: language, math and science, and so on.

[what will be taught]

Educational Technology 
History of education and social issues *possibly of aspecific country
Learning theory and teaching program 
Teaching practice 
Teaching Method 
Curriculum planning and design 
Research and evaluation paradigm 
Educational Psychology