Situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. As a newly industrialized nation, Malaysia’s infrastructure is considered one of the most convenient in Southeast Asia. Situated in the tropical climate, Malaysia has some of the most fascinating beaches and landscape in Asia. The famously know Mount Kinabalu is the first even UNESCO site in Malaysia and one of the most prominent mountain in the world.
Reputable universities around the world have significant presence in the country. These universities have campuses around Malaysia, bringing in quality education with affordable prices to the local and international students.
Known for its demographic diversity, the integration of the people and their culture has created its very own unique culture that can be seen on their way of speech and their notorious culinary mixture.
As the result, one of the hidden talents of Malaysian is that they always speak more that one language. As such, English has become the most spoken second language in the country. Hanging out with the local student long enough you might even catch up on an extra language like Malay, Mandarin or Tamil!

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