The country situated by some of the most majestic mountain ranges in the world has one of the best quality of life you can ever hope for. Although it is known for its high living expenses, cities in Switzerland are among the safest and the wages are among the highest. Their living standards also translate well to their education standards, as it is also some of the highest of standard in the world.
Scholarships are not limited only to the Swiss or Europeans. International with impressive academic achievement are eligible to apply for both university and government scholarship. Giving student the opportunity to immerse in the local culture and to experience a country with 3 official languages. Preparing graduates for an international employment opportunity.

Students who study either in the German part, French part or the Italian part will get the opportunity to catch up on the a new language that is widely used in Europe and around the world. Depending on the program some student might even get to experience 3 languages at once.

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